Monterey Pop Festival - 1967

This unique collection contains Ken Marcus' never-before-seen images of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Simon & Garfunkle, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and others. These unknown photos have been hidden away for 40 years. "Shooting backstage at the Monterey Pop Festival was an amazing photographic experience. The film has been lost for almost 40 years. Recently, while remodeling my studio we found the box containing the negatives. We had long thought the images were lost. Here was Jimi Hendrix, onstage for the first time in America, setting fire to his guitar and blowing everyone's mind. When he went onstage, hardly anybody knew who he was. A few minutes later when he left the stage, he had established himself as a legend in Rock n' Roll history. This picture shows Jimi in his most decisive moment."